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Quality in Tourism

On March 5th 2015 we had our annual Quality In Tourism inspection for all of our holiday cottages, this inspection gives us our VisitEngland star ratings. We were very pleased with this years inspection as it marked another improvement on the previous year. The ratings for each of our cottages are as follows:

Byre Cottage

5 Star


Outanding Points
Coquet Cottage
4 Star (82%)

The cleanliness of the cottages were the most consistently outstanding point for every one of our cottages, 5 of our cottages recieved 100% for cleanliness and the only one to miss this, Reiver's Lodge, was graded at 95%.

Coquet Cottage improved from a 3* to a 4* star from our previous inspection and is now our 2nd highest rated cottage, our other cottages remained at the same rating as last year.

Cheviot Cottage
4 Star (79%)
Pine Lodge
3 Star (73%)
Pheasant Lodge
3 Star (73%)
Reiver's Lodge
3 Star (69%) View a copy of the report.

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